I wish I started earlier, but from now on I'll try to participate in all the amazing activities with this well organized team. After 4 hikes and 1 camp, it was a wonderful experience and I really cannot find a negative point.

Had an amazing day hiking! Professional, well organized and friendly atmosphere! Thanks a lot for this beautiful day team LOA, enjoyed every second of it! MEN3ADE

LOA isn't a nature loving group, it's a family. They care more about sharing they're love of nature with people than anything else. They have a way to make everyone feel comfortable with a place for privacy, freedom as much as they care about the wellbeing of the people with them! In addition they give you snacks, water, breakfast.. almost anything you need in a hike. Talking about their camps, they are full of games and fun! But beware, once you go with them you'll get addicted! best team ever. Thank you for the Amazing experiences you give us!❤

Amazing experience ! Very well organised! Perfect friendly atmosphere ! The best group ever❣️

I went for the first time with LOA on 11/3/2019 to Broumana. Time management is perfect and accurate, activities and hiking were perfectly organized, the food was amazing... The hike is very secure and well controlled by the LOA guides. I definitely recommend going on a trip with LOA

Going camping for 5 days with them - now us - was a sobering experience in my life .. I now have 20 additional great friends in my life. All thanks to Lebanon Outdoor Activities . ♥️🧿🧗🏻‍♂️

Highly organized, and very helpful guides. I had some trouble with the altitude the amazing marie therese helped me through to finish the exhausting trip😂 very much appreciated😍!!

The most incredible people I have ever seen with the most amazing activities! You will have a lot of fun and you will enjoy every moment whether it's a hike or a camp or even both!

5 stars. Great experience with highly professional team. Loved it ♥️

It was a great fun day and adventure with Victor and the team. Everything was organized and professional highly recommended!

Very nice service. professional guide

Very professional, informative and thoughtful staff who covers all you need for any hike especially for new hikers young or old...we highly recommend this group to anyone who would like to reconnect with nature “our home”....thank you LOA for our first hike with you guys we totally enjoyed it...we can’t wait for your upcoming events to join you again ☺️🦌🥾

An amazing hiking enjoyed it a lot ! Professional, well organized and friendly atmosphere! Thanks a lot for this beautiful day LOA team.

Thank you LOA for this wonderful opportunity. Thank you all for reminding me that true happiness does not come from the material things in of this world but from the small and simple things in life. Living in the moment and feeling the ups and downs as we move from mountain to valley and repeat. Make mistakes and learn. Fall then stand up stronger. What an amazing journey. Cheers!

Love you all and I really meant what I said the last night if it weren't for the vibes maybe I wouldn't have been able to push myself and finish the challenge!! Am so happy to have met you guyss 😘😘 hopefully soon enough we'll meet cz 7a eshta2elkoun ktir!!

😘 It was really a great experience and so glad to meet u guys you are all amazing