02-SEP-20 to 06-SEP-20


A group of enthusiast hikers kick start their mornings with a fast breakfast, re-pack their bags and head off trekking to the next destination. Walking through the forests and beautiful trails while enjoying the beauty of God until they reach the next destination. Set up their tents, gather around the fire, having great times, cooked dinner and share campfire stories.


DAY 01: Tarchich - Falougha

Distance (Km): 12.5Technical Difficulty: Easy to ModerateElevation Gain (m): 391Elevation Loss (m): 600Max Elevation (m): 1797Minimum Elevation (m): 1495Moving Time: 3h 25minTotal Time: 4h 22minTrail Type: One Way

DAY 02: Falougha - Mtein

Distance (Km): 10Technical Difficulty: ModerateElevation Gain (m): 584Elevation Loss (m): 1040Max Elevation (m): 1555Minimum Elevation (m): 745Moving Time: 5h 8minTotal Time: 14h 2minTrail Type: One Way

DAY 03: Mtein - mamboukh

Distance (Km): 15Technical Difficulty: Moderate to HardElevation Gain (m): 856Elevation Loss (m): 635Max Elevation (m): 1525Minimum Elevation (m): 1099Moving Time: 3h 31minTotal Time: 5h 53minTrail Type: One Way

DAY 04: Mamboukh - Baskinta

Distance (Km): 12Technical Difficulty: Moderate to HardElevation Gain (m): 1065Elevation Loss (m): 807Max Elevation (m): 1625Minimum Elevation (m): 1271Moving Time: 3h 27minTotal Time: 5h 54minTrail Type: One Way

DAY 05: Baskinta - Bqaatouta

Distance (Km): 15Technical Difficulty: ModerateElevation Gain (m): 734Elevation Loss (m): 1017Max Elevation (m): 1699Minimum Elevation (m): 1218Moving Time: 4h 46minTotal Time: 6h 58minTrail Type: One Way



Total Distance (km): 64.5Average Elevation Gain (m): 726Average Elevation Loss (m): 819.8Total Elevation Gain (m): 3630Total Elevation Loss (m): 4099Average Elevation (m): 1402.9

what participants said about this event?

Thank you LOA for this wonderful opportunity. Thank you all for reminding me that true happiness does not come from the material things in of this world but from the small and simple things in life. Living in the moment and feeling the ups and downs as we move from mountain to valley and repeat. Make mistakes and learn. Fall then stand up stronger. What an amazing journey. Cheers!

Love you all and I really meant what I said the last night if it weren't for the vibes maybe I wouldn't have been able to push myself and finish the challenge!! Am so happy to have met you guyss ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜ hopefully soon enough we'll meet cz 7a eshta2elkoun ktir!!

๐Ÿ˜˜ It was really a great experience and so glad to meet u guys you are all amazing

I participated in their 5-day Survivor-hike-camp event and it was a blast!! The 75 km trail was super amazing and well planned. The LOA team were friendly and helpful. Communication was excellent. A preparatory meeting was held before the event and it was very clear what to expect. The fee was very affordable. You will get to meet awesome people in this group.

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